Thursday, November 21, 2019

Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart

Like many, I am somewhat dismayed that the Christmas season seems to begin earlier and earlier with every passing year.  Our local Safeway put up the Jack Daniels Christmas Gift Tower and a bunch of Christmas trees before Halloween this year!

There is one bright spot in this trend for my family.  Christmas movies!!  Hallmark and Lifetime have both already started showing a new Christmas movie every day.

Christmas movies are like the Bachelor franchise: either you think they are silly and fun, or you think they are stupid and pointless, and nothing I can say will change your mind.  But as for me and my house, we will serve snacks and watch them.  (To paraphrase Joshua 24:15)

Susan, Ellen, Amy and I unabashedly profess our love of Christmas movies.  Larry professes to think them stupid and pointless, but he moves his laptop from the study to the kitchen table with a view of the TV when we put one on.

Susan and I were very excited when we realized that in addition to the Christmas movies available on TV, there was actually one IN THEATERS - “Last Christmas” – AND it stars Henry Golding, so we had to go.

We packed up my capacious handbag with a full bottle of white wine and headed to a weeknight 10 pm show at the ICON Showplace up the road.  Perhaps not surprisingly, we had the entire theater to ourselves!


We took the best seats, poured our wine, and prepared to enjoy the show.  Which we did.  The twist caught us completely by surprise, and since we were alone, we were able to shriek "No Way!!!" without annoying any other patrons.

If you are planning to see this gem, watch out, spoiler ahead:  The entire movie is based on one line from a George Michael song: “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart.”

OK, signing off, I have to go read synopses of the available Christmas movies and record the ones with the most egregious plot points - Accidentally spending the holidays with the wrong family!  Falling in love with a prince while in disguise!  Saving the town by making wreaths!  (BTW those are all actual movies)

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