Sunday, March 15, 2020

Self Quarantine Day Two

Here we are stuck at home waiting out the corona virus.  Luckily I am extremely good at doing not much for long stretches of time.  It turns out I have been in practice for this for years!!  Today I did four difficult sudoku puzzles and then went down the rabbit hole of cozy mystery titles available on Amazon.  Here are some of my favorites.

Ridiculous Cozy Mystery Series

Chili Cook-Off 
Camper & Criminals
Happy Trails Retirement Village 
Nantucket Candle Maker 
Noodle Shop 
Bead Shop 
Book Editor 
Hawaii Chicken Farm
Bigfoot Bay Witches 
Paranormal Bed and Breakfast
Newborn Pixie 
Psychic Investigator 
Indiana Country Store 
Community Supported Agriculture
Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria  (there are FORTY books in this series)
Glass Bead  (different from Bead Shop Mysteries?)
Surfing Detective 
Backyard Farming 
Button Shop 
Ancestry Detective 

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