Sunday, January 20, 2019

Another Wasted Day

Today was one of those days that was mostly about my red wine hangover.  Huh, I just realized that after a wasted night comes a wasted day! 

Amy’s friend Isaac was here for dinner last night, so I cooked Italian.  Me and Susan and Larry had a fair amount of red wine.  Amy and Isaac abstained because after dinner they drove to another friend’s house.

Once they were gone the battle for domination of the remote control ensued.  Larry is on a documentary kick, but Susan and I joined forces and insisted on a dumb Netflix movie.

We watched Dumplin’, a movie about a plus-sized teen whose mother is a pageant-obsessed Jennifer Aniston.  It was a surprisingly fun movie that featured a Dolly Parton soundtrack and some drag queens.  More wine was consumed.

This morning I was feeling pretty rocky, so I skipped Mass.  I’m turning into one of those Christmas and Easter Catholics that the priests complain about.

I went to the Pancake House.  Amy called on her way back from her polo practice to suggest getting pancakes, and I got to say “I’m one step ahead of you, I’m already here!!”  I stayed and did Sudoku until she got there.

After my hours long stint at the Pancake House I returned to my car, contemplating a car nap as the sun was shining and my car was in a good spot.  But on the seat I noticed a latch hook rug kit that I purchased for $1 at a library sale.  The color key and design picture are missing so I had to hook for a while to figure out what it was.

It’s Santa’s face!  And it’s very ugly.  But I can be very persistent about very stupid things, so I hooked in my car until it started raining and then came home and hooked in front of the space heater.

I took occasional breaks from hooking to do a few loads of wash and make soup, but basically this was a totally wasted day.

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