Friday, January 18, 2019

Men at the Gym

It’s January 18 and I have finally acted on my New Year’s Resolution to go the Elks Club for something besides drinking $5 Manhattan cocktails.

It only happened because my lunch plans fell through, but God works in mysterious ways.

The Elks Club gym is great because there’s hardly ever anyone in there.  Today it was myself and another woman until two buff guys, one older and one younger, came in.

Because it is a small room, I could hear their entire conversation.  It transpired that the younger one was the personal trainer of the older one, and they hadn’t seen each other since Christmas.

Young guy: “I had an OK Christmas, but the big news is that my wife just found out she’s pregnant!”

Older guy: “Congratulations, I guess.  I mean, are you sure it’s yours?”

If I had been holding a free weight, I would have dropped it on my foot.  Is this how men talk to each other??

Young guy, uncomfortably laughing, “Um, yes, pretty sure it’s mine.”

Older guy: “Welcome to the shit show, then.  What should I set this machine for?”

Emotional constipation? Or is he just a terrible person?  Women should probably just be raising babies in women-only communes.

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