Sunday, December 23, 2018

I Don't Hate The Messiah!

I thought I hated The Messiah, but it turns out I only hate bad Messiahs. 

My husband loves to sing, and for the past many years we have attended a Sing-Along Messiah.  I can’t carry a tune AT ALL, so for me, being at the Sing-Along Messiah is akin to be being the only sober person at a party.

My mother, who we are staying with in Virginia, also loves classical music.  For a Christmas treat, I booked tickets to the Kennedy Center Messiah featuring the National Symphony Orchestra, a choir, and some opera singers.

Full disclosure: I do not like opera.  I have tried to like opera, because it seems like the sort of thing a liberal elite such as myself should enjoy, but it’s boring and screechy.  So when we came up one ticket short, I was planning to do some Sudoku in the Terrace Bar during the performance.

But, as often, but not always (sadly), happens, last minute paid off: I scored a single box seat ten minutes before the show.  So while my family was in the cheap seats in the second balcony, I joined two confused families in their private box.

I can honestly say that the tenor soloist at the Kennedy Center Messiah moved me to tears.  Despite the fact that it is seen as a Christmas show, the Messiah covers the whole life of Christ, and when the tenor was being Jesus and singing about how the world had abandoned and despised him, I was moved.  And I’m a lapsed Catholic, one of the most cynical religious groups in the world!!

And the University of Maryland Choir was amazing!  So young to be so talented!

So now I know: watch out for false Messiahs, but the real ones are pretty great.

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