Thursday, December 20, 2018

Lady of Los Altos

I had a really excellent LOLA (Lady of Los Altos) day today.  I woke up to my alarm at 7:15, provided my high school senior (Amy) with a healthful egg sandwich, and then went back to bed because she has her own car.
Upon waking at 9:30, I texted my Wednesday morning hiking group and we went on a walk around the Country Club. 

When I got home, Amy was moody, so I took her out for vegetarian Indian thalis.  Then I made her go to Goodwill with me.  I enjoyed it, she did not, so I brought her home so she could walk the dog.

I made my way to Draeger’s Supermarket, an upscale grocery frequented by all the rich old biddies in town.  The heavy Indian lunch caught up with me, so I napped in my car for a while.  This is a particular skill of mine of which I am unreasonably proud.  I can recline the front seat of my car and sleep at any hour of the day, in any parking spot.  Old ladies were slamming car doors all around me, shopping carts were trundling by, children were misbehaving as they do at the grocery store; I slept through it all.

(Once I fell asleep so hard in my car in front of my kids’ grade school that a fellow parent thought I had suffered a heart attack.  No, just asleep.)

I received a text from a friend that she needed a cocktail, so I joined her at a downtown bar.  I could only stay for one drink, as I had frozen spinach thawing in the back of my car.

Upon arriving home, I turned on a Pandora station (MeatLoaf) and made dinner.  My kids make fun of me and say Pandora is for old people, but I am old, so shut up.

After dinner, Larry and I went to the Elks club and had a few Manhattans (seriously).  All in all, a useless but entertaining day.

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